Haus Kriegsturm

Lore of Haus Kriegsturm

Haus Kriegsturm is a fighting and service Household dedicated to excellence in the arts and sciences of war and peace.

We welcome any and all who would respect our ways and our history to participate with us in our Household functions, and we call them Brother or Sister.

We remember our Brothers and Sisters who have departed from our halls, and welcome back those who return as they may.

Brothers and Sisters who dishonor the Household by word or deed answer to the justice of the Household.

Those who seek entrance into the Household are welcomed as Gestr, having the right and privilege of attending Household functions as Guest of the Household, speaking by invitation of the Thegns, Wittans, Huscarls, Vindrhaus or Theodthegns.

After one month, Gestrs who are invited to do so and swear loyalty to the Household become Bondr, are decorated with the Kano Rune, are expected to acquire a Household Warshirt, and uphold their Oath.

Bondr who serve the Household for a minimum of two months and receive the invitation of the Household are made Drengrs or Dyramaer of the Household, and are expected to fulfill their duties as Warrior or Servant of the Household, in exchange for the rights of a voice and vote in Household business, and the privilege of wearing the Household Cord; Warriors of the Household are also expected to acquire a War Shield.

Drengr and Dyramaer who provide great and extended service to the Household for a minimum of one year may be called to the greater service of Household counsel and leadership by invitation of the Theodthegns, Vindrhaus, Thegns, Wittans and Huscarls, being granted the privilege of voice and two votes in Household business, and the right to bear the Warbelt.

Every year a test of skill at arms shall be held, and the Warriors of the Household may compete for the honor of becoming the Vindrhaus, who shall serve as the Household Champion, making and answering any challenges to the Household, and bearing the same rights and privileges as Thegns, Wittans, and Huscarls.

Numbering no more than three at any time are the Theodthegns, those who are the Elders of the Household, serving Haus Kriegsturm by leading our Brothers and Sisters in war and peace, providing counsel in matters of Household business, each voting with the voice of three.

Only a Theodthegn may call a Household meeting or vote, as needed, heeding the requests and needs of our Brothers and Sisters; a minimum of 10 Brothers or Sisters must be present for a vote, with a 51% majority deciding the outcome of the vote, and only votes of "Aye" or "Nay" are counted in Household votes.

Glossary of Terms

Kano Rune -The 'K' rune from the Elder Futhark, worn and stylized to suit the bearer. Symbol of the rank of Bondi.

Household Cord - A black and white braided cord; constructed of 26 black strands and 13 white strands. Symbol of the rank of Drengr or Dyramaer.

Warbelt - A wide, plated belt styled to suit the wearer. Symbol of the ranks of Thegn, Wittan, Huscarl, and Vindrhaus.

Warshirt - A black tunic or tabard suited to the wearer's choice, trimmed or accented with red upon white.

War Shield - A shield suited to the bearer's choice, decorated with a black and white quartered field.

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