Haus Kriegsturm

No six enemies on earth
Dare use arms on me
If I've four good fellows
To aid me in fight.
And If I have eight men
no twelve could ever
scare me, the black browed
bard of the battle storm.

- Egil Skallagrimson, 955 A.D.

Since ancient times people have made war. War at its best is fought for family and friends, in defense of loved ones and homeland. The joy of brotherhood among those who share adversity is legendary.

We celebrate the purity of the warrior spirit.

We are motivated by the love of kith, kin, and the joy of competition.

We are Haus Kriegsturm, a Household in the Society for Creative Anachronism that serves the People and Lands of the Middle Kingdom. The warbands of Haus Kriegsturm have taken the field for Crown and Kingdom since Anno Societatis 22 (1988 A.D.), fighting in every major war that the Midrealm has been engaged in.

The Brothers and Sisters of Kriegsturm are diverse, having personas that come from many different cultures and time periods. While it was the discipline of the martial arts that originally brought us together as a Brotherhood, we greatly revere and respect the skill of the artisan, and boast many fine craftsmen and craftswomen

I will be Brother/Sister to those who grace our halls; I will share warhorn and fire with those who will respect our ways and history; I will do what I may to insure that my Brothers and Sisters get the support they need to succeed in the Haus.

I will have pride in our Haus and our family; I will wear the blackened Warshirt with red upon white trim; I will carry the black and white upon my shield; I will wear the trappings of my place in Kriegsturm and wear them as reminders of my rights and responsibilities to the Haus.

In battle I will fight to my best ability. I will not forsake a Brother or Sister to the hands of the enemy; I will do what I may to attend all Household musters and events; I will train all those who seek my aide; I will lead by example.

This oath embodies the fundamentals of what it is to be a Brother or Sister of Kriegsturm, and its ideals are not taken lightly be any member of the Household, on or off the field of battle. Haus Kriegsturm welcomes those who would share in our traditions and in our future.

We invite any and all who wish to learn more about Haus Kriegsturm to contact our Theodthegn: Sir Ivar Idthur-Drengr at


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